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About the project

The International Association of National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI) is a network of global national public health institutes (NPHIs) currently made up of 108 members from 93 countries serving more than five billion people on four continents. IANPHI seeks to increase global public health capacity by strengthening and linking the world's NPHIs in order to address critical public health challenges. It does this by leveraging the experience and expertise of its member institutes to build robust public health systems.

What does your project involve?

Public Health Wales is a full member of IANPHI and has recently been accepted as a NPHI, after previously being an associate member since 2012.

Public Health has decided to undergo a peer review by IANPHI using the 'Peer to Peer Evaluation Tool' it developed in partnership with Public Health Wales and other NPHIs. The peer review is an opportunity to have 'critical friends' look at the relevance and effectiveness of Public Health Wales' activities in the years since 2009 and looking ahead up to 2025. The review will also focus on the activities of the organization over the last three years and the associated strategic plan(s) focused on seven strategic priorities. The peer review provides us with an opportunity to get expert insight into the way our organization works, looking at areas such as our board structure, the use of resources in times of austerity, and will assist us in preparing a new 10-year strategic plan. ultimately benefiting the health of the Welsh population by having a more effective and efficient NPHI in Wales.  

Why are you working there?

The benefits of memberships for Wales include (i) and increased international profile for Wales, (ii) an opportunity to share good practice in Wales with the international community, (iii) a professional association for senior staff in Public Health Wales, linking with peers, fostering a new community of public health leadership dedicated to knowledge sharing, collaboration, and cooperation, (vi) advocacy and support for NPHIs including the development of benchmarks and tools that countries, NPHIs, and peer-assistance teams use to assess, develop, and improve NPHIs and optimize delivery of core public health functions.

Key outcomes

Public Health Wales receives wider global recognition.

Public Health Wales' activities receive wider global recognition and staff gain professional development opportunities through contacts made as an NPHO and through our activities as a member of IANPHI.

Public Health Wales receives a review report with recommendations that support its further development as the national public health agency for Wales.