Global Observatory for Physical Activity, Country Report Cards

Welsh Partners

Public Health Wales

International Partners

International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH), Global Observatory for Physical Activity (GOPA)

All Wales
WHO Region
Project Focus
Physical Activity, Lifestyle, Global/International, International health
About the project

β€œThe Global Observatory for Physical Activity is a joint initiative of ISPAH and the Lancet Physical Activity Series Working Group. The Observatory is developing Country Cards on the status of physical activity for each country of the world. The country cards are a single slide infographic containing core indicators related to physical activity research, surveillance and policy. The focus of the country cards is the adult population, and thus this initiative complements the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance Report Card for children.”

What does your project involve?

As Wales Country Lead, Malcolm Ward is informing the Welsh Physical Activity Report Card.

Key outcomes

GOPA Report Card for Wales.