Five Nations' Health and Justice Collaboration Group

Welsh Partners

Public Health Wales

International Partners

Public Health England, NHS England, Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service, Welsh Government, Health Improvement Scotland, Scottish Service, Scottish Government, Public Health Northern Ireland, Irish Prison Service and World Health Organization

Funding Source
Administration funded by Public Health England
All Wales
WHO Region
Project Focus
Prisoners, International health, Health Inequalities
About the project

The group meets three times a year to discuss key emerging issues around prison health, including policy development, research and best practice.

What does your project involve?

Meetings are themed, chosen by the host nation and agreed through the Five Nations Operational Group. Each nation is required to present to the collaboration on the chosen theme in relation to their nation. The collaboration provides and opportunity to influence discussions at a European and International level.

A collective response to topics is presented each year at the annual WHO Prison Health Conference. Past topics include: psychoactive substances in prisons, deaths in custody, social care in prisons, prison health intelligence, using health to reduce reoffending.  

Why are you working there?

To raise the profile of Welsh good practice, improve international understanding and good practice and to participate with the WHO Research Collaborating Center.

Key outcomes

Overall aim is to raise recognition of health inequalities amongst those in touch with the criminal justice system, striving to improve health and well-being outcomes for offenders. Outcomes of the group include a Five Nation's statement on the use of psychoactive substances in prisons, and a collaborative conference presentation titled 'Innovation in Rehabilitation: Building Better Futures' at the ICPA Conference, London. a five Nations Collaboration peer-review publication on the need for greater health intelligence across prisons is currently in progress, being led by Wales.