European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training (EPIET)

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Public Health Wales

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European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training (EPIET)

Funding Source
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Contro;l
South East Region
WHO Region
Country of intervention
Project Focus
Education, International health, Professional Development
About the project

Public Health Wales hosts international fellows and is involved in training and fellowship placements as part of the European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training (EPIET).

What does your project involve?

Public Health Wales both hosts fellows, providing research, outbreak, surveillance and teaching projects and supervision; and also hosts a co-ordinator for the fellowship, who teaches and supervises fellows across other EU country sites.

Why are you working there?

Christopher Williams (Consultant Epidemiologist) is an EPIET graduate and has been involved with the programme since 2006. He was selected as a co-ordinator in 2013. Public Health Wales has been hosting the fellows since the programme started over 20 years ago.

Key outcomes

Projects completed in Public Health Wales; fellows trained and graduating - both EU-track and two MS track fellows within CDSC currently/ about to train; transfer of teaching materials and ideas from and to Public Health Wales from other EU countries.