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Public Health Wales

International Partners

Queen Mary University, London

Funding Source
European Union
All Wales
WHO Region
Country of intervention
United Kingdom
Project Focus
Children and Young People, Evidence
About the project

EUROlinkCAT is a horizon2020 project funded by the EU. The project aims to link congenital anomaly data with other data sets, to look at long term survival and mortality, educational achievement and burden on health service. CARIS will link with various other data sets held in SAIL (Swansea University).

What does your project involve?

Linkage of data on congenital anomalies with other data sources:

  1. ONS data for survival/ mortality
  2. Other health data - co-morbidities/ time spent in hospital
  3. Education - achievement level of children with anomalies

The aim of the work is to link with other similar registers across Europe and provide long term follow up on live born babies with anomalies. This will help address the deficit of knowledge in this area and lead to better parental counseling etc. This work locally is being done in partnership with Swansea University and SAIL database.

Key outcomes

Long term outcomes for children with congenital anomalies. Better knowledge to share with future parents.