A study to validate commercial instruments to enable rapid identification and susceptibility testing from blood culture (ACCELERATE)

Welsh Partners

Public Health Wales

International Partners

Public Health England, AntiMicrobial Resistance in Hospital Associated Infections (AMRHAI), Accelerate Diagnostics  

Funding Source
Accelerate Diagnostics
All Wales
WHO Region
Country of intervention
United Kingdom
Project Focus
Research, Evidence
About the project

A collaborative study with the AntiMicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infections (AMRHAI) reference unit at Public Health England in London to develop and validate a commercial system for rapid susceptibility testing. AMRHAI reference unit is the national reference laboratory for investing antibiotic resistance in healthcare associated bacterial pathogens.

What does your project involve?

Validation of rapid technology for susceptibility testing, directly from blood cultures.

Key outcomes

Improve rapid technology for susceptibility testing. Potential use for resistance detection.