Charter for International Health Partnerships in Wales

Implementing the Charter

Health Boards and Trusts have pledged to the Charter's foundations and currently, the IHCC serves as a contact point and driving force to support efforts to implement the objectives of the Charter.

A Charter Implementation Task and Finish Group was established in 2015, consisting of members of all the Health Boards and Trusts aiming to progress the work towards the Charters objectives. They are working on different parts of the Charter with the overall aim to create a toolkit for further implementation of the Charter. The Implementation Group has committed to:

  • Advise on the implementation, identifying gaps, potential opportunities and areas for action;
  • To act as a driving force for the implementation of the Charter in their own organisation and
  • To advise on governance arrangements for the Charter, including monitoring, audit and evaluation.

The outcomes of the work can further be combined into an ‘All-Wales Implementation Framework Toolkit’. Moreover, the work in the group provides an opportunity for representatives of all Health Boards and Trusts to share information and create new network opportunities.