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FAQs about Working Internationally and the Partnership Database

Who is pledged to the Charter?

Each of the 10 Health Boards and Trusts in Wales pledged to support the Charter in 2014. Health Boards have locality based remits, whereas Trusts have national remits.

How is the progress of the Charter monitored?

Benchmarking was carried out in 2016 to determine the progress made towards the implementation of the Charter. This identified areas which required additional attention, and resulted in the establishment of task and finish groups working on specific areas, such as Global Citizenship. 

Can I submit information on my or my organisations partnership/ project to the IHCC website?

Yes, if your institution or organisation is based in Wales or has a link with a Welsh health organisation, you can fill in the submission form

If I register, will my contact information be shared?

On your submission form you will be asked if you are happy for the information to be added to the database and website. If you change your mind, please email international.health@wales.nhs.uk and the information can be updated.

Can I submit a project as an individual?

Yes, we welcome registrations from both institutions and individuals.

What happens after I submit my partnership/project?

After you submit your project, your form will be reviewed and assessed to ensure the information is complete and appropriate for the website.

Can I contact other members of the network?

When a person/institution submits their project, they have the option to include their contact details. You may contact those who have supplied these details.