In this directory you will find information about Welsh, UK, European, or International organisations and stakeholders involved or supporting international work.

Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre (CDSC)

The CDSC is the epidemiological investigation arm of the Public Health Service for Wales. It protects the population from infection through surveillance of infectious disease, support for outbreak investigation, provision of health intelligence and applied research.

Dolen Cymru

Dolen Cymru is an independent charity which fosters a unique country- to - country link between Wales and Lesotho. Since 1985 life-changing partnerships have been created between communities, schools, health organisations and individuals.

Fair Trade Wales

Fair Trade Wales ensures farmers, growers, and producers receive at least a minimum fair price for the produce. This enables them to plan ahead and build their businesses and crucially, it re-balances a trade system that is stacked unfavourably against the producer. However price is not everything and Fair Trade also addresses an absence of support for welfare, health, education or from unions.

Hub Cymru Africa

Hub Cymru Africa is a collaboration bringing together the work of Wales Africa Community Links, the Wales for Africa Health Links Network, the Sub Saharan Advisory Panel, Fair Trade Wales and the Wales International Development Hub. Hub Cymru Africa is hosted by the Welsh Centre for International Affairs.

The sub-Saharan Advisory Panel (SSAP)

SSAP works across a range of international development themes. The panel is constituted of individuals with different intellectual and professional expertise in development management and practice. Apart from offering valuable service on the panel, some of its members are themselves involved in development practice in Wales and in different African countries. The fusion of this theory and practice is a valuable resource in our work as a think-tank. Since its inception, SSAP has engaged a number of Welsh international development organisations whose performance in Africa has yielded significant impact in their communities of work. In addition, they review and monitor international development programmes as good practice. This shapes their future direction in providing useful platforms for a sustainable Wales-led sustainable Africa development.

The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA)

The WLGA represents the interests of local government and promotes local democracy in Wales. It represents the 22 local authorities in Wales and the three fire and rescue authorities and three national park authorities are associate members. The WLGA’s primary purposes are to promote better local government and its reputation and to support authorities in the development of policies and priorities which will improve public services and democracy.

Wales for Africa Health Links Network (WFAHLN)

Wales for Africa Health Links Network’s aim is to facilitate a co-ordinated and effective approach to promoting and supporting the development of the NHS and public health links in Wales. The Wales for Africa Health Links Network is open to any partnership between an organisation in Wales and a counterpart in sub-Saharan Africa, which focuses primarily on health.

Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA)

The WCIA is a registered charity that enables the people of Wales to understand and act on global issues. It provides an independent, non-partisan forum for human rights, peace and justice, sustainability and international development.

Welsh Government International

Welsh Government International promotes and protects the interests of Wales within the UK, Europe and internationally. Working with interests and partners in Wales and beyond we undertake activities to raise the profile and influence of Wales as a place to live, visit, study and do business. While the First Minister has responsibility for the management of relationships between Wales and the rest of the United Kingdom, Europe and internationally, all Ministers have a role in delivering the Government’s international responsibilities and ambitions.