COVID-19 International Horizon Scanning and Learning

Friday, 22 January 2021




- COVID-19 transmission in hospital settings
- COVID-19 impact on physical activity
- COVID-19 and food poverty
- COVID-19 impact on rural areas



- The long-term health impact of remote working

- Predicting futures and scenario planning

- Sustainable recovery from COVID-19

- COVID-19 epidemiology update


- Genomic sequencing for COVID-19

- Psychological impact of COVID-19 and lockdown fatigue

- Country insights: Israel, Taiwan and South Korea

 PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report_23_4Feb2021.pdf


- Genomic sequencing for COVID-19

- Loss of education due to COVID-19

- COVID-19 impact on migrants, refugees and asylum seekers

 PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report_22_21Jan2021.pdf



- Pandemic fatigue and population adherence to COVID-19 measures

- COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and distribution

- Comparing COVID-19 cumulative rates

- Measures to prevent COVID-19 in long-term care facilities

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report_21_17Dec2020.pdf


- Impact of COVID-19 measures on interpersonal violence

- COVID-19 and alcohol consumption

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report_20_3Dec2020.pdf


- COVID-19 and international travel

- Socio-economic impact of COVID-19, including employment, migrant workers and QUALYs lost

- COVID-19 epidemiology update

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report_19_19Nov2020.pdf


-Approaches to COVID-19 during autumn and winter across Europe

- Disruption to essential health services: impact and mitigation

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report_18_5Nov2020.pdf


- Transmission of COVID-19 in children and young people

- COVID-19 epidemiology update

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report_17_22Oct2020.pdf


- COVID-19 impact on universities and international students

- COVID-19 and pregnancy

- COVID-19 quarantine and isolation facilities

- Country in focus: Sweden

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report_16_8Oct2020.pdf


- COVID-19 severity and diverging trends for cases and deaths

- COVID-19 impact on children and young people

- COVID-19 impact on mental health and well-being

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report_15_22Sept2020.pdf


The focus this week is on:

- COVID-19 reporting methods and public perception of risk

- Epidemiology update and R insight

- COVID-19 in the Southern Hemisphere

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report_14_2Sept2020.pdf


The focus this week is on:

- Obesity and COVID-19

- COVID-19 impact on unemployment

- BAME populations and COVID-19

- Environmental and social imacts of PPE

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report_13_6Aug2020.pdf


The focus this week is on:

- Vitamin D

- Influenza rates and COVID-19

- COVID-19 risk communication

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report 12_23July2020.pdf


The focus this week is on:

- Outbreak hot-spots and transmission routes

- Human behaviour during pandemics

- Seasonal variation and transmission

- Country epidemiology update

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report 11_09July2020.pdf


The focus this week is on:

- Outbreak hot-spots

- Long-term consequences of lockdown

- Impact of climate on COVID-19 incidence rates

- Homelessness

- Country insight: Argentina

 PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report 10_25June2020.pdf


The focus this week is on:

- repeat testing

- social distancing

- strengthening community resilience

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report 9_18June2020.pdf


The focus this week is on:

-pre-school childcare

- the ‘social bubble’ approach

- re-opening public transport

- outbreak epidemiology update

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report 8_11June2020.pdf


The focus this week is on:

- outdoor transmission of COVID-19

- long-term impacts of lockdown

- country insight: Greece

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report 7_4June2020.pdf


The focus this week is on:

- testing practices

- adherence to lockdown measures

- easing lockdown: impact on R across the USA

- country insight: Iceland

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report 6_28May2020.pdf


The focus this week is on:

- Re-opening education 

- Easing lockdown impact on R 

- Reporting COVID-19 deaths

- Country insight: the Netherlands

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report 5_21May2020.pdf 


The focus this week is on:

-          Impact on employment and related financial and health burden

-          Impact on specific and vulnerable groups

-          Country transition overview and outbreak epidemiology

PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report 4_14May2020.pdf


-          Care homes and other enclosed settings

-          Education (school re-opening)

-          Comparative intelligence on testing, cases & deaths

-          R0 comparison across countries

-          Country insight – Spain

 PHW COVID19 IntHorizonScan_Report 3_7May2020.pdf

Please, see attached our latest Public Health Wales International Horizon Scanning report.