Funding Resources

Title Description Website
European Funding For Health in Wales. Part 1 The first catalogue covered Horizon 2020 and the Third Health Programme.
European Funding For Health in Wales. Part 2 The second catalogue explores European Regional funding opportunities such as Structural Funds and Territorial Cooperation Funds (Interreg).
Horizon 2020 in Wales - Annual report 2015 This annual report sets out how Welsh organisations have performed so far in accessing Horizon 2020, the progress made on the key objectives, and a forward look to activities in 2016.

FAQs about Funding

What kind of help can I get from the IHCC regarding funding opportunities?

The IHCC can:

  • Inform you: The IHCC can provide relevant general and tailored information on current calls and application processes in line with an organisation’s priorities.
  • Help you network: As a member of EuroHealthNet and WHO Regions for Health Network, the IHCC can introduce Welsh organisations to relevant potential partners as well as other networks across the UK and Europe.
  • Refer you to experts: The IHCC is developing a network of individuals and institutions that would be able to provide expert advice and support on funding and grant proposals.


How do I know whether a specific funding stream has calls for proposal open at the moment?

The pages in this section provide general information on various funding streams that may be relevant to your project. Each item includes a weblink where you will find more information about on-going calls. Alternatively, lists of open calls are published every month in our e-bulletin.